Metaphysical Photomontages

Works in Progress St George’s Day 2020

The City Inside The Car Park – Shidan Hagos

Light and Materiality Maquette Section of The City Inside the Car Park Street View of The City Montage Nest Construction Sequence Interior View of the Nest The Egg the Place to Perform Shadow-Pattern Making Model

Work in Progress- Photomontage ,Hamman Ghazali

Scuba diver's view inside the scuba tank

Co-existers, new and old, at the Politecnico di Milano

Former Coexister, Andrea Daniels, plays host to a group of current students who are visiting Milan on their Study Field Trip this week.  Supposedly they are trying to explain (the craziness that is or) how the Atelier operates in architect, Stefano Boeri’s class.

Works in Progress 2015 – shadow pattern making devices – Hannah Arkell

This week in studio we have been looking at the connection between nature and architecture. One of our tasks was to create something beautiful in itself, that also created beautiful things – a shadow maker.

Readings that influenced my output were: Architecture and Disjunction, specifically Violence in Architecture. This introduced the idea of bodies violating space, an intrusion into the controlled order of architecture.

Additionally, I looked at Ferkiss: Technology Flourishes – The Renaissance and The Reformation. This excerpt walked through the different opinions and stances of philosophers through time concerning the relationship between God, man and nature. More recent and most popular beliefs are that man rules over nature.

Nature can have no rights against technological manipulation because it does not exist except as we know it through technological control.

Man is emancipated from nature, technology dominating over nature.

Linking these two strands of thinking, I based my design on a bacteria cell. Bacteria works through the division and repetition of cells invading a space. This looks at the aggression of nature – an idea I would like to further explore in my current project : the cell vs. the cell phone.

Works in Progress 2015 – shadow pattern making devices – Shidan Hagos

Women vs Men vs Nature

Reading Nature, Technology and Society” by Victor Ferkiss, I was inspired to translate his analysis of Nature, Men and Women into a tangible mechanical model. This model has a number of vertical pieces each attached to these circular rings. Every ring represents time. The heart of the rings is Nature. The pointy vertical structure represents men and the curved ones women.

As you turn these outer cogs you see chaos within the model however eventually these rings come the point where the vertical structure all align with each other creating this perfect harmony.

Works in Progress 2015 – shadow pattern making devices – Mamie Attwell Thomas

Works in Progress 2015 – shadow pattern making devices Manasvi Jhaveri

Manasvi Jhaveri

Manasvi Jhaveri

Works in Progress 2015 – shadow pattern making devices Disco Ball – Izabella Banaś

The final push…for the Year End Exhibition 14/15

“…. inassimilable otherness challenges us intellectually and morally, stretches our imagination, and compels us to recognize the limits of our categories of thought.”    Parekh